No Cootie​santi-bacterial Spray
            For all your travels

I am a kindergarten teacher and received No Cooties as a gift.  I keep it on my desk (doing my best to teach the kids to cover their mouth when they cough).  I spray my face and the room.  The kids love the name.  They often chant "Spray the cootie stuff."  I haven't gotten sick since I received it.  It's the gift that keeps on giving.
MJ/HuntingtonBeach CA                                                                                                                                                                                                          
Hello No Cooties,
Love your product.  My whole family uses it and it has become my favorite gift to give.  No Cooties actually lifts my spirit. Your oil blend is great.

A fan in New York

Dear Hope,
I placed my order with you over the phone.  It was such a pleasure to speak with you.  Thank you for your time, information and inspiration.  You are appropriately named and so is your product.
Warm regards,

Who knew?  I bought your product at Planet Blue because the name just cracked me up.  I actually gave it to friend as a joke (no offense).  My friend couldn't say enough about it.  It really works.  Good job.

I was traveling across country and many of the gas station bathrooms were "cootie" stations. I would spray going into them. I've been accused of being a tad germaphobic.  Really appreciated No Cooties!

I use No Cooties as an air freshener in hotel rooms and my house.  The artificial fragrances in typical air fresheners give me a head ache.  I will spray the house before company arrives and my guests always comment on how good my house smells.  Love it!  Thanks!

I found myself without my allergy medication on a five hour flight to Miami.  I normally cannot be in an airplane cabin or hotel room without them.  I did have No Cooties and would spray it periodically throughout the flight. I sprayed the hotel room and kept it by my bed side in case I needed relief throughout the night (which I did). When I spoke to you on the phone you had mentioned that it had anti allergenic properties. I was a bit skeptical, but it got me through.

Pleasantly surprised/ San Diego   

I use No Cooties to freshen my sheets.  I also spray the air when my husband is snoring. He stops every time without waking up.  You may not be able to recommend No Cooties for these things, but I'm telling you it works.  Also, good for flatulence.  Just saying.  ;0)  


Dear No Cooties,

You may find this interesting.  My dog gets a little obsessed with licking and scratching himself.  When I spray No Cooties in the air around him he calms down and stops. Thought you might like to know.


Hey, No Cooties,

Seriously, I'm not trying to be weird.  I used it on my jock itch. No kidding, it worked!