Esse​ntial Oils​

No Cooties anti-bacterial Spray

For all your travels


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Purify your personal space

* Did someone just cough or sneeze around you?

* Do your sheets need refreshing?

* Is there an unpleasant odor in your environment?

* Are the scents of air fresheners too artificial?

* Are you allergic to artificial fragrances?

* Are you feeling a little anxious?

The effectiveness of therapeutic essential oils can address all these issues naturally.

These oils are not only anti bacterial, but have a calming effect on the senses.

​In a Weber State University study, with the "mission to identify" which essential oils were effective against disease causing micro-organisms, 67 oils were tested. Nine were found to be most effective. Three of the most effective oils make up the No Cooties blend.

No Cooties travel spray is an easy, safe and effective companion when traveling. Tested and proven to protect against airborne bacteria in your personal space.