Sanitizes ​​Instantly

*  Made from Bio Based Corn

*  Formulated with moisturizing

*  Scented with the essential oil     

    of tangerine  (not artificial  

*  Kills germs in 15 seconds

 No Cooties hand sanitizer is a step above the rest.  It does not dry out your hands. scented with the essential oil of tangerine for a refreshing citus scent.

* 2oz  Travel Spray
* 8ml Round Trip Travel Spray
* No Cooties Hand Sanitizer
* No Cooties Kit
* Round Trip Three Pack

 * All are TSA Compliant *

Travel Spray

Hand Sanitizer

 The life blood of plants

 No CootiesTravel Spray uses three essential oils that have been tested and proven effective to protect against airborne bacteria.

Ravensara: This antiviral and anti infectious oil is excellent for colds, flu and boosting the immune system.  It's medicinal properties also help to relieve stress and anxiety.

Lavender Spike: Antiviral, anti infectious, anti bacterial, know for its effectiveness in relation to colds, coughs and infections.

Thyme Linalol: Anti infectious, antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal. ​It also used to relieve mental fatigue and nervous exhaustion.

 *Safe for children.*

The Essential Oils

No Cootie​santi-bacterial Spray

        For all your travels

Purify your personal space

No Cooties contains a blend of medicinal quality essential oils.  When dispersed in the air, this blend can aid in the cleansing and purifying of your the immediate environment.

The oil's antibacterial properties are effective against the transmission of airborne micro organisms.

Keep it with you!

Use No Cootiesanti bacterial spray in any closed environment to protect yourself from airborne bacteria.

Suggested uses: The air plane cabin, carpooling, hospitals, schools, home, refresh bedding, hotel rooms, public bathrooms, the gym, public  transportation and anywhere germs dwell.
Safeto spray towards face and inhale.                                           * Close eyes before spraying.*